2020 Campaign


Campaign Kickoff - Friday August 28 at 8:00 a.m.- Socially distanced DRIVE-THRU event!  
Workplace Campaigns - Traditional payroll deduction giving with modern-day tweaks.
Small Business Giving - Ways for restaurants, retail shops, and service providers to give back!
Online Auction - 2nd annual!  Coming December, 2020!

CAMPAIGN KICKOFF - Friday August 28 

Remember those United Way pledges you made last fall?  Boy are they coming in handy this year!
2020 has been a year like none other in Logan County.  Ohio National Guard serving food lines the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Great Depression.  Unemployment once ranked worst in the state.  Strains on our Funded Agencies supporting mental health and housing.  While the need is greater than ever, the value of United Way has never been more pronounced.  And thanks to YOUR record-breaking support of back-to-back million dollar campaigns the last two years, we’ve been able to meet many of these challenges.  
It’s time to ramp it up again and show the world how Logan County comes together to LIVE UNITED!  Our 2020 Campaign kicks off Friday August 28 at 8:00 a.m. with a unique and safe DRIVE-IN Campaign Kickoff.  (All attendees will remain in their cars for the duration of the event).  Breakfast and t-shirts will be provided.  We’ve evolved to provide mobile and paperless giving options for you to extend the giving opportunity in new ways to your employees.  And I know we can we count on you and your team to join us in the fight for the health, education, and financial stability for every person in Logan County!  
Please make your plans to participate in our 2020 Campaign by completing our 2020 Campaign Planning Worksheet.  If you'd rather print a form first, click here.
THANK YOU for your continued support!
The idea of having a "United Fund" to support local needs spread to Logan County in 1955 when area business leaders joined together to offer a giving opportunity for their employees.  The tradition of giving via payroll deduction at work continues to this day and the annual United Way campaign is still the largest communitywide fundraiser in Logan County.  The workplace campaign is at the heart of that effort.  Conducting a workplace campaign will bring many benefits to your workplace.     
Are you responsible for coordinating the United Way campaign in your workplace?  Know that YOUR role is critical and far-reaching, with the potential to impact thousands of lives in our community.  As a United Way Champion, you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your leadership and project management skills at work, build camaraderie within your office, network with colleagues in other industries, and have fun.  All while helping us raise charitable dollars to achieve your company’s philanthropic goals and further United Way’s mission. 
Don't worry.  We're here to help!  Below are some on-demand links to our campaign materials.
  • CHAMPIONS GUIDE - PDF.  Time-tested tips and new strategies for campaigning during COVID to help make your efforts a rousing success.
  • Four Best Practices - PDF to download.  Workplaces that did ALL FOUR of these steps in their internal UW campaign last year had an 18% increase in giving!
  • Campaign Brochure - PDF to print on-demand.  Call us at (937) 592-2886 and we can bring you enough copies for each employee.  
  • Employee Pledge Form for Payroll Deductions - PDF to print on-demand.  (NOTE:  We can customize the pledge form for YOUR workplace with your logo, pay periods, suggested giving levels and incentives.  Contact us to start the process.)
  • GO PAPERLESS!  Last year, workplaces that offered an online giving option to their workplace campaign had a 21% increase in giving.  We can customize an online giving portal just for your workplace.  Samples coming soon.
  • Corporate Pledge Form - PDF to print on-demand.  Use this to obtain and document your corporate giving commitment.  
  • Posters - Call us at (937) 592-2886 and we can bring you enough 11x17 posters to promote your campaign in your workplace.  
  • 7-Foot Pop-up Banners - Call us at (937) 592-2886 and make arrangements to borrow one or more of our banners during the week of your workplace campaign.
  • Rollover Campaign Option - PDF.  If you had a strong campaign last year, it MAY be worth considering a Rollover Campaign this fall in which all employee pledges simply carryover to the new year.  With all the uncertainty, a Rollover Campaign would be an easy way to continue offering support to the most vulnerable in our community while minimizing time and effort. 
  • Videos - link to the United Way of Logan County Youtube page for videos to show during employee presentations and link in internal campaign communications.  
  • 2020 Agency Directory - link for a list of programs to which donors can designate.
  • Campaign Reporting Form - PDF - When your turn in pledge forms and donations, print and submit this form to summarize totals for our auditors.
  • "Funraisers" in the Workplace - PDF.  Fun ideas to supplement and enhance your internal UW campaign.