Women United

Women United

Refresh, Renew, Revisit.


There has been much discussion about Women United.

Our vision, our hopes, our needs and how it aligns with those of our community.

We know that there is a huge demand on your time and all of your resources.  Sometimes making it through the day is all the success you can claim—and that should NEVER be minimized!

The common denominator of what seems to be missing is kindness, companionship and encouragement.  We can all use a little more of these in our lives.  Every. Single. Day.

With these thoughts in mind, this is the direction that we are steering Women United and we want you to be part of all the great things we have planned.

Women’s Wisdom.  The speaker series will continue, but we are going to expand a bit.  We will be joining Thelma Matthews at pottery.  She will share her story, how pottery relates to her life, she will demonstrate her talent and she will show you why you want to be part of the upcoming Pottery Experience Class for Women United.   Kayte Frost of Jacobs Motors has invited us to her business, Jacob’s Auto Repair to learn about car care, routine maintenance and the value of taking proper care of your vehicle.  We will be hosting a Women’s self-defense course at Ohio Fitness.  Join us as we learn a common-sense approach to your safety as well as introductory self-defense techniques that are suitable to every age and fitness level.  We have other ideas and speakers in mind and we welcome suggestions. 

What about those things that you have always wanted to learn to do, but just never took the time.  Circle back to pottery with Thelma.  What about learning to crochet?  Maybe a cookie decorating class or baking/cooking class.  Think about card making.

Then take what you have learned a bit further and share what you learned, made or created with someone else.  A shut-in, a struggling momma, an overworked friend, or someone that is just having challenges getting through the day.  We reach out, we share what we can and we help make things a little brighter by showing we care.  

We have incredible resources in our area.  We have amazingly talented individuals.  If we put our strengths together, we can make an impact that we are only beginning to imagine.

Want to be part of planning, outreach and our new approach?   We would love for you to join us!  Our next Women United meeting is Wednesday, October 19 at 4:00pm at Richwood Bank.  Bring your thoughts, your ideas and your talented friends to share your ideas and let us know what you think of this vision for WU!


Interested?  GREAT! 
Annual Membership is $50 and includes a T-shirt, access to virtual viewing of the Women's Wisdom Speaker Series, and first availability for any ticketed events.  $5/month membership payment option available for your convenience.




Women's Wisdom Speaker Series
Friday, December 2 - 8:30 AM at Richwood Bank (Bellefontaine Branch)

Make plans to join us for the December Women's Wisdom Speaker Series Event

Malia Hughes of Fathom Realty, will be sharing about how she serves the Logan County community. Join us at Richwood Bank in Bellefontaine Friday, December 2,  at 8:30 AM!  Come a little early and grab some coffee or tea. This event is FREE for all Women United members. We hope to see you there for some networking and fun!





 off to a great start at Bellefontaine Intermediate School!

We have paired up 80 women and men volunteers to spend a half hour once a month with a third or fourth grade student for our Lunch Buddy outreach program.  


Overwhelming support from our volunteers has us sharing stories, laughs and of course, lunch 4 different lunch times a month!

Studies show that students who are paired with an additional adult role model or mentor, are 46% less likely to begin using drugs, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol, and 52% less likely to skip school.  By simply engaging in conversation and playing games for a half hour a month, you'll help build values of self-esteem in girls and provide a positive impact.  

Talk about a power lunch!

Interested in being a United Way Lunch Buddy for 2023-2024 or want more information about the program?  E-mail melody@uwlogan.org