New Lease on Life - Habitat for Humanity

It was a special moment this summer when Habitat for Humanity's Kathleen Bow presented Wayne, Deborah, and Levi Wells with a new Bible and the keys to their new home.  The 27th Habitat House in Logan County was dedicated in July, with friends and supporters looking on. Terry Robinson, Pastor of Wake Up the World Ministries, says there's no more deserving family than the Wells, who were homeless two years ago.

"It brings tears to my eyes," said a choked up and grateful Wayne Wells. "I thought it was a longshot.  I thought it would never happen.  But last October, they told us we would be building our house next.  When I saw the trusses arrive on the job site it was pretty spectacular to know that the dream was going to come true."
Each family selected through Habitat's application process puts in 300 hours of sweat equity per family member to help build the home, then makes a monthly mortgage payment to Habitat (at a much lower rate than market value) making the possibility of home ownership a reality.

YOUR United Way gift also helps make the American dream possible for local families through Habitat, which this year is receiving $20,000 in United Way funding.  It takes about $68,000 for them to build a house, which they do largely through donated labor and materials.  

Casey and Christine Greener moved into their new home three years ago.  Casey lost his job as an engineer after suffering from grand mal seizures and was diagnosed with a medical disability.  Looking for part-time work, he applied for a job with Habitat for Humanity.  During the interview, it was discovered that his income level made him eligible to receive a home.  He got the job.  And a new home.  And now he works as Superintendent, overseeing the construction of the Habitat houses, picking up donations for the Habitat Re-Store, and coordinating the volunteers who work on the projects.

"You'd be either framing walls, nailing down floors," he said.  "You could be doing siding.  Painting.  If you have no experience at all, I'll take time with you and show you how to do it.  Then you'll take something into the future and do it with your own house."

You could also volunteer at Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store on County Road 130 in Huntsville.  There, they sell donations of furniture, appliances, and building materials.  For more information, call them at (937) 539-0275 or visit