Neighborhood Outreach Centers open for 20th year

The Logan County Neighborhood Outreach Centers are open for their 20th year of free activities and food for kids. Director Drew Shick, Director of the Chippewa and Russells Point Centers, has been there for all of them.  
"It's definitely the kids," Shick said about his motivation. "Getting to know the kids, seeing them grow, evolve, and learn new things. Sometimes, they'll come back and talk about the impact that the center had on them growing up and how much they enjoyed it and how much they want their kids to come and participate because of the things they remember. Those kind of stories keep me going and keep me coming back."
The United Way-supported Summer Food Program keeps children who rely on school lunches fed with a nutritious lunch and a take home food bag Monday through Fridays. 

Click here for center locations, hours, and activities.