Winners were drawn on Monday July 6 and are posted here.  CONGRATULATIONS!
Winners from AGC
Wade Burba -- Kindle Fire
Kasey Kerns -- Amazon Echo Dot
John Kerns -- Sweet Snack Pack
Winners from Board of DD-RTC-CRSI
Christy McGill --Kindle Fire
Shelley Russell -- Amazon Echo Dot
Jill Koehler -- Sweet Snack Pack
Winners from Global Precision Parts
Mike Naticchia -- Kindle Fire
Kristi Shaw -- Amazon Echo Dot
Kimberly Boswell -- Sweet Snack Pack
Winners from Green Hills-Universal
Laura Hager -- Kindle Fire
Kelli Dickinson Tevis -- Amazon Echo Dot
Amy Flynn -- Sweet Snack Pack
Winners from Logan Acres
Addison Myers -- Kindle Fire
Kim Eagy -- Amazon Echo Dot
Becky Stachler -- Sweet Snack Pack
Winners from Mary Rutan
Nicole Hall -- Kindle Fire
Amanda Millis -- Amazon Echo Dot
JoEtta Spain -- Sweet Snack Pack
Winner from NEX
Ida Adkins
Winner from SpartanNash
Robert Campbell



The car breaks down.  The furnace stops running.  A child falls off the playground and breaks an arm.  It doesn't take much for one's personal finances to go astray.  In fact, reports show the typical American household cannot withstand an unexpected bill of $400 or more.  
When money is tight and it's a struggle to make ends meet, that's where United Way's new LIVE UNITED @ WORK Financial Wellness Program comes into play.  United Way's Resource Coordinator, Ashley Spence, LSW; is “embedded” in the workplaces listed above to meet confidentially with employees about non-work related needs and connect them with available community resources.  
If you work at one of the participating locations listed above and you or someone you know is struggling with a social service need, contact Ashley at (937) 935-9509.  She can help you with your concerns over food, rent, bills, transportation, child care, aging parents, substance abuse, domestic violence, and more.  She can help you navigate the complex local social service network and access resources you may not even know exist, helping you address and resolve your stressful situation.  
If you are an employee in good standing and with at least six months tenure at your workplace, you may also be eligible to borrow up to $1,500 via the new Quest United Small Dollar Loan, a new low-interest payday loan alternative, to help cover a personal financial crisis.  The loan would be paid back via payroll deduction while helping you build your credit and save for future needs.
"One of the hardworking staff here has gone through significant life changes in the past couple of years and again more recently that have created significant financial hardship as she is raising her grandson without monetary support.  She hooked up with Ashley, Resource Coordinator for United Way and sought the assistance that was suggested. She received a full propane tank and lowered electricity bill from Bridges Community Action.  (She had been heating home through this harsh winter with electric space heaters.) 
She sent me a text last night stating:  “Aww! The furnace just kicked on! What a lovely sound!”  
United Way: THANK YOU for providing this service."
Pioneered by United Ways in New Hampshire and Vermont, United Way of Logan County is the second in Ohio to offer this community resource.  Our workplace partners above are helping us pilot the LIVE UNITED @ WORK Financial Wellness Program locally.  We have limited availability to bring it to a few more workplaces.

Click here to find out more about the benefits to your employees and workplace productivity.