Indian Lake Tornado - Community Response

UPDATED: 5:06 AM Friday, April 19, 2024
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Logan County households impacted by the March 14 tornado that ripped through the Indian Lake region are invited to apply for financial assistance through United Way's Indian Lake Tornado Relief Fund.  Intake will occur by appointment only at the Multi-Agency Resource Center established for tornado victims, which is moving to 431 Madison Avenue in Russells Point. Victims can schedule by clicking below or by calling (937) 592-2886.


Financial assistance is available for needs including:

  • Housing expenses, including rent, mortgage, security deposit, hotel expenses
  • Home repair, including insurance deductible
  • Auto expenses, including car repair, car payment, down payment, insurance deductible
  • Prescription Medication
  • Utilities
  • Student hardship fees
  • Pet care
  • Other living expenses as deemed appropriate during in-take

Appointments will occur at the Multi-Agency Resource Center (431 Madison Avenue in Russells Point) in conjunction with other state and local agencies so that victims can bundle and maximize the help they can receive.  Residents needing transportation to an appointment can call Lift Delivery at 937-722-1347 for a free ride.

Appointments will be available the following days and times.

Tuesday April 23 - 9AM to 1PM
Wednesday April 24 - 2PM to 6PM
Thursday April 25 - 9AM to 1PM

Additional dates / times will be offered the week of April 29 and will announced as soon as available.

The financial assistance comes from donations made to United Way's Indian Lake Tornado Relief Fund.  100 percent of all money donated to the Relief Fund will be used to support immediate and long-term recovery efforts, with an emphasis to be placed on identifying and fulfilling unmet needs.  

Victims began meeting with United Way's team of case workers on Wednesday April 10.  Through Friday April 19:

  • $297,662.09 has been distributed to help 123 households (287 tornado victims).
  • 66 cases are in process, awaiting decisions or verifications from applicants.
  • 108 additional households have appointments next week.

If you or someone you know needs help, make your appointment today at the link above or by calling United Way at (937) 592-2886.

Here is the breakdown in how tornado victims are choosing to use their United Way help:

  • 61 Home Insurance Deductibles - $86,057.86
  • 34 Home Repairs - $69,111.50
  • 26 Rents for new or existing homes - $36,681.03
  • 15 Security Deposits for new homes - $22,970.00
  • 9 Down payments for New Autos - $18,800.53
  • 11 Auto Loan payments - $13,727.65
  • 15 Auto Insurance Deductibles - $12,750.00
  • 11 Auto Repairs - $9,599.05
  • 8 Mortgage payments - $4,004.96
  • 6 Hotel Stays - $3,745.41
  • 4 Utility Bills - $1,325.69
  • 2 Student / Youth Participation Fees - $656.15
  • 3 Pet Cares - $469.93
  • 10 Other items, such as storage, moving expenses, generators, etc. - $17,452.33

A committee comprised of tornado victims from each affected neighborhood, along with representation from Indian Lake schools, the Lakeview and Russells Point business and faith communities, and the United Way Board, convened Wednesday April 3, to develop the criteria and allocation methods.  Committee members include:

  • Dave Coburn – Indian Lake Schools
  • Pastor Jim Ellington – Indian Lake Community Church
  • Dale Frymeyer – Choice Properties Real Estate / Indian Lake Development Corporation
  • Suzanne Gillespie – Shoreline Construction
  • Cynthia Heffner – Logan County Department of Job & Family Services
  • Rachel Kubic – Hanna Howard Real Estate / Indian Lake Development Corporation
  • Scott Mohler – Lift Delivery
  • Brenda Moots – Indian Lake Outfitters
  • Amy Musil – LuLu’s at the Lake
  • Tim O’Rielley – CoverLink Insurance / United Way Allocations Chair
  • Rick Powers – NX Automotive Logistics / United Way Board Member
  • Katie Rychener – Unit-Ten / United Way Board Member
  • Corey VanHoose – CenterPoint Energy / United Way Board Member

Also present were

  • Dave Bezusko- United Way of Logan County
  • Ashley Spence – United Way of Logan County
  • Bobbi Jo Trittschuh – Honda


Through a grant from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), Ohio REALTORS along with the local boards received $350,000 in financial relief to distribute to qualified residents whose home was damaged during the storms.  Qualified applicants can receive up to $1,250 in assistance for:

1) Monthly mortgage expense for the residence that was damaged by the 3/14/24 tornado disaster or;
2) Rental cost due to displacement from the primary residence resulting from the 3/14/24 tornado disaster or;
3) Hotel expenses due to displacement from the primary residence resulting from the 3/14/24 tornado disaster.



Logan County EMA is asking individuals and families that were impacted by the March 14th Tornado to report their damage and provide contact information and pictures if you have them.  This information will be shared with FEMA as they assess our impacts to determine if we qualify for a federal disaster declaration.  Locally, we will also use this information to connect you with our Long Term Recovery Committee for assistance with unmet needs.

Call the Recovery Call Center at 937-292-4041 Sunday March 24 from Noon to 5pm, or Monday through Wednesday (March 25-27) between 10AM and 7PM.  You may also click the form below to report your damage.  Photos help show the devastation as FEMA comes in.


*********NEED FOOD?  CLOTHES?  OTHER ITEMS?********** 

Additional stations for food, clothes, personal needs items, baby supplies, and more are available in the following locations.

Indian Lake Central Distribution Center
431 Madison Avenue
Open 9AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday
Toiletries, water, food, personal needs items, etc.

Lakeview United Methodist Church
110 Brown St. - Lakeview
Open 9AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday and Noon to 6PM Sunday

Indian Lake Baptist Church
330 W. Lake St. - Lakeview
Open 12noon-5PM Monday through Saturday

Our Lady of the Woods - St. Vincent de Paul Outreach
473 Madison Ave. - Russells Point
Tuesdays -  10AM to 2PM
Thursdays - 10 AM to 2 PM
Sundays - Noon to 2PM

TriLink Storage in Bellefontaine is offering two months of free storage to any tornado victim to secure your belongings.  Call (937) 441-1532 to reserve your space.

Tornado victims in need of a free ride to work, store, anywhere in Logan County can contact RTC Services at 937-539-3351.


Donations are being received at the following locations ONLY.    All other collection sites have converted to resource centers for victims.  When needs arise, they are coordinating with other sites to fulfill the need.  If a need arises or inventory of supplies becomes depleted going forward, notifications and updates will be posted.

Humble Construction 
1180 Carlisle
Monday-Friday 9-5