Free Grocery Delivery Available to Older Logan County Residents

To help with challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, United Way and RTC Services have partnered on a new Grocery Delivery Service for Logan County's older adults. Residents 60 years and older can now call RTC (937-539-3351) for free grocery pick-up and delivery.  The service is also available for Logan County residents with developmental disabilities.  
The service is available weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  After calling RTC to get set up, you'll call a participating store to order and pay for your groceries.  RTC will then pick up and deliver your order. Participating stores include:
  • Community Markets in Bellefontaine
  • Fields IGA in West Mansfield
  • Kroger in Bellefontaine
  • Steve's Market in DeGraff
  • Thoman's IGA in West Liberty
Of course, if you'd rather go to the store yourself, RTC's Public Transportation can take you there. RTC is receiving $40,000 of your United Way donations this year to give seniors free rides to the store and medical appointments.
"Instead of giving the seniors a free ride to their food, now they'll be giving the food a free ride to the seniors," laughs Dave Bezusko, United Way Executive Director. "We salute the creativity of Tonya Reed, Russ Foust, and Tam Blakely for coming up with this solution to the Stay-at-Home order. It helps the population most vulnerable to COVID-19 so they don't have to go out and expose themselves to the virus just to get their groceries."
"We're excited to serve the community in this way and are hoping that maybe people who don't usually use our transportation will take advantage of this opportunity," and Tonya Reed, Executive Director of RTC Services.  "From a driver perspective, this limits their exposure to having people in the van too.  It's a win for everybody.