Housing Stability Program


Rent / utility assistance is the #1 reason why people call 211 for help in Logan County.  In response, United Way launched the Housing Stability Program in 2021.  More than just a handout, this program serves as a hand-up for local families in need of rent and utility assistance.    
Please call (937) 592-2886 for assistance or for more information.
When contacted by an individual in need, the staff of the United Way of Logan County is able to provide case management as well as potential financial assistance.  If the person is available to meet, UW staff will set up an appointment. If not, the information can be gathered and sent via phone and/or email. The United Way staff member will have the individual fill out the intake form and waiver, and discuss the needs of the person/household. The United Way staff member and the individual will work together to create a case plan for the person, including things such as agency contact information, program information, and budgeting and/or financial tips. The individual will be encouraged to make contact with the agency while with the United Way staff, so that questions and clarifications can be discussed immediately.  The United Way of Logan County Stability Fund should be used as resource of last resort; the individual will need to utilize all other agency/program assistance before United Way dollars will be used.  
United Way will help any individual in need with case management services. If the individual/household exhausts all other avenues discussed in the case planning process, the UWLC staff will assess the need for rental assistance, or assistance with basic utilities, including:  rent, deposit, electricity, water, gas, and propane. UWLC will be the agency of last resort, and will direct individuals to other social service agencies and programs first. Once outside options have been exhausted, financial assistance may be offered through United Way. This financial assistance will typically happen only once in a 12-month period and will not exceed $1,000. If desired or recommended, United Way has a Certified Financial Coach on staff who can help with coaching sessions.  There are no income limits to receive case management or financial assistance from the United Way of Logan County. 
In order to receive financial assistance through the United Way of Logan County’s Stability Fund, individuals/households will need to engage in the case management process.  United Way will need the following documentation if someone is to obtain financial assistance.
  • Photo ID
  • Income verification (pay stubs, benefits statements, award letters, etc.)
  • Documentation of the financial need (past due bill, eviction notice, shut off notice, etc.)
  • Proof of contact with other agencies/assistance programs (call logs, case plan document, emails, etc.)
If the applicant does not have an income, and no plan to obtain one, their request will be denied. 
The United Way of Logan County will make direct payments to the landlord or utility company. No money will be given to the applicant. 
United Way has the right to deny any applications for financial assistance in which the applicants do not follow through with the case management process. Denial may also happen due to poor collaboration or extensive, repeated histories with other social services agencies. An applicant may also be denied due to lacking a self-sufficiency plan.