2018 Campaign

Introducing the Million Dollar Roundtable

With more than 3,400 individuals and 164 businesses participating, giving to United Way of Logan County has increased 53 percent over the last six years.  Coming off a $951,806 campaign in 2017, the time is right to shoot for seven figures.  
When accomplished, Logan County will become the smallest community in Ohio to give back $1 million through its annual United Way campaign.  That’s a tribute to YOU, our United Way donors.  For your generosity, and for your belief in our mission to fight for the health, education, and financial stability for every person in Logan County.  Thank you!  
“It’s very exciting that the community has raised giving to a level where we can actually achieve this historic milestone,” said Joan Haushalter, 2014 Campaign Chair and member of our Million Dollar Roundtable.  “It’s humbling and exhilarating to be a part of this momentous event.”
More important than the dollar amount is what those dollars represent.  It’s opportunity for those who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance.  It’s access to needed resources.  It’s hope for those who need it.  It’s even helping dreams come true.  
“People have a tendency to fall through the cracks,” said Rev. Mike Sandlin, 2004 Campaign Chair.  “And if we don’t do something intentionally, then there are going to be bigger cracks and greater falls.”  
United Way has intentionally invested donor dollars for the following top issues this year, including but not limited to: 
Youth - $203,999 (for safe, supervised after-school and summer activities, early childhood literacy, clothing, and educational opportunities)  
Financial Stability - $130,467 (among financial assistance programs, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelter, and income tax return preparation)
Hunger - $100,400 (for local food distribution programs and meals-on-wheels)
Drugs - $74,801 (among local drug prevention and treatment)
44 programs of 28 Funded Agencies are being supported in 2018 by United Way allocations from last year’s campaign.  
In the old game show, “Who wants to be a Millionaire,” contestants had a chance to use a lifeline and “phone a friend” to help them win.  Borrowing that tip, we’ve phoned a bunch of friends to help promote our cause this fall and help us achieve our milestone goal.  
In lieu of one Campaign Chair or couple, 21 local and living Campaign Chairs from the past three decades are serving on a "Million Dollar Roundtable."  
“United Way is thousands of people coming together to give money to help thousands of people.  It’s too large of a job for any one person,” said Darin Olson, 1997 Campaign Chair. 
Million Dollar Roundtable members include:  Steve Austin, Tara Bair, Dan Berger, Tammy Gump, Jill Hatcher, Rick Hatcher, Joan Haushalter, Mike Minnich, Darin Olson, Tim O’Rielley, Jack Reser, Chad Ross, Jamie Ross, Rev. Mike Sandlin, Terri Schneider, Tom Simon, Ben Stahler, Lou Vito, Chad Wilkinson, Nita Wilkinson, and Doug Zimmerman.
More than 90 percent of United Way of Logan County's annual revenue comes from traditional workplace campaigns in which employees are given the opportunity to give via payroll deduction.  Some employers match donor dollars.
If giving to United Way is not offered through payroll deduction at your workplace, or if you are self-employed or retired, please give online at www.uwlogan.org or use the pledge form on page 2 of this newsletter to make your gift.  If you would like to offer the giving opportunity at your workplace, call us at (937) 592-2886.
“Where else can you give $100 and help feed people, give clothes for kids, help out the homeless, help women who need a shelter,” said Chad Wilkinson, 2015 Campaign Co-Chair.  “And it all stays right here in Logan County.”
“Giving to United Way is an opportunity for individuals to give back and to receive at the same time,” said Tara Bair, 2013 Campaign Co-Chair.  “Your resources are being used in a very collective, collaborative way.  And it’s not unusual that you may be donating toward one of the Funded Agencies and be receiving services from another.” 

Planning to conduct a United Way campaign in your workplace this fall?  THANK YOU!  Click here for details and tips on how to do it.

Click back throughout the season for updates as we work our way toward our 2018 goal!