2018 Allocations Application Information

United Way of Logan County is extending the opportunity for local agencies to apply for 2018 allocations.  Below, please find all necessary allocation request forms and supporting documentation.  Please submit all completed forms and attachments by FRIDAY OCTOBER 6, 2017.

We amended our Code of Regulations this spring and made some modifications to the applications process.  Please review by clicking the link and reading the agreement between United Way of Logan County and Funded Agencies.  

There is no longer a “blackout period” limiting your fundraising activities during our September to November campaign.  Please simply keep us aware of what is going on and when so that we may help you promote.   The application now includes only two budget spreadsheets as opposed to five.  Though we DO ask for a detailed, line-by-line budget for each specific PROGRAM for which you are applying.

PLEASE SUBMIT ELEVEN (11) PRINTED COPIES OF ALL COMPLETED FORMS IN THE PACKET to our office address at United Way of Logan County, 130 S. Main St. Suite 109, Bellefontaine, Ohio, 43311.

The packet includes:

  • Program Narrative Form - PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES PER PROGRAM IN YOUR NARRATIVESAND MAINTAIN A FONT NO SMALLER THAN 11-POINT SIZE.  A Program Narrative Form must be completed for each program for which you are applying.
  • Budget Form 1 (to be completed as it pertains to your entire AGENCY.)
  • Budget Form 2 (to be completed as it pertains to your entire AGENCY.)
  • Counterterrorism Compliance Form
  • 2016 IRS 990—Pages 1, 9, and 10, which need to be completed for inclusion in the State of Ohio Combined Campaign (Please make sure that Page 1 is signed).  IRS 990 EZ forms are not sufficient.

Remember that United Way support cannot be sought for management, general, or fundraising functions.   A priority will be given to programs serving needs identified in the 2015 Logan County Community Needs Assessment.

For consideration for 2018 United Way allocations from the upcoming fall campaign, 11 copies of all completed forms must be returned by FRIDAY OCTOBER 6 to our office address above.  The grant request hearing date and location will be Thursday November 9 at the United Way office.  Your hearing time will be scheduled after you submit your funding request.  

United Way awarded $573,047 to 27 local Funded Agencies through its regular allocations process for 2017.  To see those funding results, please click here

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, please contact us at (937) 592-2886.  Thank you for all that you do for our community!  We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you.