2017-18 Board of Trustees

United Way of Logan County has been a valuable community partner since it was founded in 1955.  We are governed by an active and responsible governing body whose members serve three-year terms, have no material conflict of interest, and serve without compensation.

BOARD MEMBER                                                                                                                      TERM EXPIRES
DAWN BEELMAN, Precision Custom Products, United Way Board President                                  2019
KYLE SPRINGS, Zimmerman Realty, United Way Board Vice President                                           2018
TAMMY GUMP, Mary Rutan Hospital / Logan View, United Way Board Treasurer                         2020
BEN STAHLER, City of Bellefontaine, United Way Board Past President                                          2020
DAVE BEZUSKO, United Way of Logan County, United Way Board Secretary                    Non-voting member

NATE HAUCK, PowerBuilt                                                                                                                 2020
ERIN HENRY, Logan County Chamber of Commerce                                                                         2018
JENNIFER JACOBS, SpartanNash                                                                                                    2018
RENEE MARKER, Heartland of Bellefontaine                                                                                     2019
RICK NELSON, Belletech Corporation                                                                                               2018
JANET SIDERS, AcuSport Corporation                                                                                             2019
JOSH STOLLY, Thompson Dunlap & Heydinger, Ltd.                                                                       2018
SALLY STOLLY, Benjamin Logan Local Schools                                                                             2019
CHAD WILKINSON, WPKO / WBLL                                                                                                   2020
RON ZIMMERLY, Liberty National Bank                                                                                            2020   
VACANT                                                                                                                                            2019

JILL HATCHER, Kut'n Loose, Campaign Co-Chair                                                               Non-voting member
RICK HATCHER, Retired, Campaign Co-Chair                                                                      Non-voting member
TIM O'RIELLEY, Allocations Committee Chair                                                                      Non-voting member

The United Way Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 4:00 p.m. in the United Way office.  In 2017, the United Way Board is scheduled to meet on Jan. 24; Feb. 28; Mar. 28; Apr. 25; May 23; June 27; July 25; Aug. 22; Sept. 26; Oct. 24; Nov. 28; and Dec. TBA.